Training and workshops

Workplace bullying and harassment

A critical part of providing a safe workplace is the provision of appropriate anti-bullying, harassment and discrimination training. Anyone can be subjected to bullying in the workplace, regardless of their position. Bullying can have a serious impact on the health of workers, leading to adverse effects on productivity, happiness and morale.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify and addressing bullying and harassment
  • Prevention tools to ensure the organisation maintains appropriate workplace behaviours
  • Identify types and examples of inappropriate workplace behaviours
  • Strategies to prevent and address bullying at work
  • Understanding personal responsibility, accountability, and liability

The accidental counsellor

Accidental counsellor training provides participants with knowledge and skills to support someone in emotional crisis by learning how to recognise when others are struggling, responding appropriately and referring them to the best place for help.

The course also defines the boundaries of the Accidental Counsellor role.

Topics covered include:

  • Crisis and distress
  • Suicide risk and awareness
  • Active listening
  • Reflection of feeling
  • De-escalating someone’s anger
  • Checking safety
  • Appropriate referrals

Resilience workshop

Resilience refers to our ability to function successfully, recover from setback and grow to meet future challenges. It is a skill anyone can develop and shape’s an individual’s perceptions and responses to adverse events. Poor resilience skills can lead to depression, low self-esteem, negative relationships and substandard work performance.

With highly demanding work cultures where stress and burnout are commonplace, it’s more important than ever to build resilience through practical prevention and interventions skills. Resilience is now recognised as an extremely important factor in the workplace.

Learning outcomes:

  • Improve ability to overcome barriers and obstacles and to respond rather than react in stressful situations
  • Increase self-awareness and boost mental health
  • Enhance capacity for flexibility, creativity and innovation
  • Increase performance through efficient management of workload and other commitments
  • Enhance capacity for flexibility, creativity and innovation
  • Cut costs associated with absenteeism, staff turnover and workers compensation.

Empowerment workshop

The essence of empowerment is maximising human potential. People who are motivated will be more productive and perform better at work.

People who feel empowered have a greater ability to make sound decisions, achieve their goals and have better success in life.

Participants in the 32&Sunny Empowerment workshops learn how to apply the theories of motivation in the workplace, understand the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction, motivate themselves and those around them and increase workplace and personal happiness.

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