COVID-19 Wellness Program

We have taken a view, as a firm, that the greater good took precedence over normal competitive pressures in the face of the rising threat from the novel coronavirus.

In response, we’ve developed a COVID-19 mental health wellness program. This is an especially important time to take care of your employees and protect their health and wellbeing. With front-line employees and staff working remotely, employers need to be mindful of possible mental health issues and general wellbeing to address factors such as anxiety, stress, depression and isolation.

We want to support you and your staff to ensure that positive mental health is maintained during this time and guide employees on how they can work safely, productively and efficiently from home despite the challenges we all face.

This program will also address other social issues arising from COVID-19 including social diss-connection, relationship concerns, changes within the family, managing children’s needs, managing the demands of elderly parents, nutrition, exercise, time management.

Our team of professional counsellors and psychologists will work with your employees to assist in managing or resolving any professional or personal challenges and concerns that negatively impact their work performance and productivity. It is short-term, solution focussed approach to help your employees with their overall wellbeing.

How it works

Each employee will receive a weekly thirty-minute session with one of our highly experienced professional counsellors or psychologists.

The counsellors will provide support, guidance and practical advice to your employees.

More formalised counselling or EAP can also be arranged for employees who require additional psychological services.


Nickola, thanks so much for the lovely message and all your guidance and support. Really appreciated your presence and wisdom in my time of need. Good luck to you and everything you do.

Hopefully I won’t need to call on you again any time soon but will keep your details and pass them on to anyone who may need your help in the future.

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