Workplace Rehabilitation

32&Sunny works with organisations to reduce costs and improve injury and claims management practices.

A frequent concern expressed by employers is the cost and impact of workers compensation claims on their business. Not only is there a significant financial impact from workers compensation claims, there are considerable social, cultural, productivity and organisational consequences on their business. Employers often feel confused about the return to work process and how to best manage workers compensation claims.

In order to achieve safe and durable return to work outcomes, early intervention is essential. 32&Sunny can provide immediate assistance to injured workers and employers and guide them through the return to work process to ensure sustainable return to work outcomes that meet the needs of all parties. 32&Sunny also works with Nominated Treating Doctors and treating health professionals to assist their patients with their return to work needs.

We focus on providing a proactive and ethical service that is cost-effective, outcome- focused, personalised and tailored to individual needs.

The key factors critical to a successful return to work include:

  • early intervention
  • an effective workplace-based rehabilitation program
  • effective claims management
  • collaboration and consultation between stakeholders.

Did you know?

Just as you can choose your Nominated Treating Doctor and other treating professionals (i.e. psychologist, physiotherapist) you are entitled to choose your own rehabilitation provider or change from an existing one allocated to you by an insurer at any time throughout your claim.


  1. One off services including:
  • Initial Needs Assessments
  • Vocational Assessments
  • Earning Capacity Assessments
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Labour Market Research
  • Functional Capacity Assessments
  • Assessment of Daily Living

2. Return to Work Same Employer Case Management Services

3. Return to Work New Employer Case Management Services

 32&Sunny is an accredited rehabilitation provider under Workcover NSW – Provider number 868

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