Outplacement and career transition services

Assisting companies and employees experiencing change

Organisational change is constant. We specialise in assisting companies and employees experiencing change to move forward with confidence.

Safeguard your brand

Redundancy can be highly emotional, distressing and challenging for employees and employers. How the process is managed can have a significant impact on an organisation’s reputation and brand.

32&Sunny’s outplacement services are designed to be as flexible and value-driven as possible. Our programs are fully customised to the needs of each individual and company, ensuring employees experience a smooth transition from an organisation while enabling the employer to maintain a professional company image and reputation.

Personalised care and professionalism

Our approach addresses both the needs of the organisation and those of the employee. Our programs are developed with personal consideration for each individual’s own situation ensuring that transitioning staff are equipped with the skills, knowledge and emotional resilience needed to make their next career move. We’re also passionate about the science of positive psychology and we interwine its principles into our program.

We also help leaders to manage the change process within an organisation. By concentrating on moving forward and helping employees do the same, organisations can manage the transition period with minimal disruption to their business, whilst demonstrating professionalism, focus and dedication in supporting its current and past employees.

Expert guidance at every stage of the career transition process

We strive to ensure an individual’s career transition journey is positive and fulfilling. Our career transition consultants who are all registered with the Career Development Association of Australia are experts in their field can assist employees with numerous benefits including:

  • Helping employees to develop a clear and considered plan for the next step in their career.
  • Providing support and guidance to employees to help manage effectively the complex range of emotions and challenges experienced during this time of change.
  • Refining an employee’s networking and interview skills in order to present confidently in all stages of job discussions and negotiations.
  • Developing personal marketing tools such as LinkedIn, resume and cover letters.
  • Assisting individuals to understand their transferable skills and interests to leverage their strengths and capitalise on their talents.
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