Mediation and conflict resolution


Workplace mediation is a useful way to resolve disputes and achieve an ongoing workable relationship without resorting to legal action. Mediation allows for parties to be heard by a mediator, who can conciliate the dispute.
While conflict resolution is a broad term that may describe a variety of different alternative dispute resolution methods, mediation refers to a specific process in which a neutral third party helps to bring parties together and reach mutual agreement.

While mediation and conflict resolution have the same goals, mediation can be preferable in situations where emotions are running high enough to cloud judgment, where one party feels threatened or intimidated by the other, or where trust levels between the two parties are low. Taking part in mediation can save time, legal fees and court costs, and emotional fatigue.

Role of the mediator

32&Sunny mediators are trained and accredited to help people resolve disputes and reach a mutually agreed solution. Our mediators are impartial, meaning they don’t take sides. Mediation is also privileged, therefore nothing said during mediation can be used in court or shared with anyone.

Our mediators don’t give advice or pass judgment. They serve as a voice of reason and compromise. They guide parties through a structured process, create an environment where all individuals have a chance to speak and be heard and keep the discussion going smoothly so each party can find their own solutions.

Our professional workplace mediation services are delivered by registered mediators, with psychological and legal backgrounds, who have extensive experience conducting mediations within a range of organisations and industries.

Conflict resolution

Conflict in the workplace often typically involves differences of opinion, style or approach that are not easily resolved. Conflicts that are mismanaged or ignored harm people. They are costly and damaging to an organisation and create loss of productivity and profitability and put an organisation at risk of litigation.

Resolving disputes effectively at an early stage increases employee engagement, improves workplace culture and can help foster a healthy, happy, and productive ongoing workplace environment. Managing a conflict is not just about the current dispute. That is often just a symptom of a much larger issue.

32 & Sunny offers a range of conflict resolution services designed to resolve identified issues quickly and effectively. The aim of the negotiation is to find an acceptable outcome to all.

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