Behavioural profiling

Extended DISC has been proven to change individual behaviour

The Extended DISC is a psychometric self-assessment test that identifies the behavioural style of an individual including their motivators, strengths and development areas. Understanding a DISC profile can help provide a clear framework for making conscious behaviour adjustments while communicating, interacting and working with others. Extended DISC has been proven to change individual behaviour and workplace efficacy for the better.

The Extended DISC system is based on a psychological theory developed in the 1920′s. The foundations of the theory are based on defining a person’s natural reaction mode or behavioural style in different situations. The theory was developed into a behavioural assessment tool which centres on four different behavioural styles:

  • Dominance – D-styles are quick, competitive and results-focused. The D-style is the most aggressive of the 4 styles.
  • Influence – I-styles are the most outgoing and social of the 4 styles. I-styles enjoy interacting with others and meeting new people.
  • Steadiness – S-styles are calm, steady, and the most laid back of the 4 styles. S-styles are more reserved and less animated than the outgoing I-styles
  • Compliance – C-styles are the most analytical of the 4 styles. C-styles focus on details, facts, information, and proof.
Extended DISC took the development of this profiling tool further, with a strong focus on utilising it for professional (and personal) development of people at work.


Why use Extended DISC

  • Increase self-knowledge – readily identify how a natural style tends to respond under pressure and conflict. Learn what motivates an individual and what happens when they overuse their style.
  • Engage and build teams – teams can use the tool to help address team dysfunction and to improve team dynamics.
  • Better adapt behaviours with other – allows an individual to be more flexible, dynamic and adapting in their behaviour to better suit the situation.
  • Confident recruiting – improve hiring decisions and business productivity by identifying the most suitable candidate through individual behavioural analysis.
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